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Supply Power-Pump Hydraulic Basketball Stand

  • Period of Validity:2012-06-27 to 2013-12-30
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Hebei hongkang sports equipment supply power-pump hydraulic basketball stand Dec. HKLJ-1002 power-pump hydraulic basketball stand is new developed product according to the latest standard of international basketball competition. The company always keeps to the standard of FIBA (International Basketball Federation). It adopted microcomputer control . It imported advanced productive technology and adopts new technique with principles of hydraulic and elastic. So the quality of products is getting well day by day and reach to the high standard. The backboard is made of the safety glass backboard with high intension, which is widely used in international and leads the first in domestic. It has advantages of high transparence, strong ageing resistance, smooth and safety etc. It used the single-phase power (220V,50HZ). It is convenient, safe and economic.The basket stand base could lift up, moving and fix position itself, so the upper support could be lift, the backboard is balance and verticaland the height of basket ring could be adjusted. The safety mechanism on the basketball stand could meet the demands of balance and safety during the use of basketball stand. more products, please go to vist our web:www.hktiyu.com or send your email to us: jinmei_wang@126.com

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