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Hunnan New District

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 Hunnan New District locates at the south of Shenyang City , at the joint part of “Golden Corridor” and “Silver Belt”, which faces to the old city proper against the river, owning the biggest 80km2 waterside zone under construction and development in the northeastern China. The zone is with beautiful ecological and business scenery, where the programming area is 120.6 km2. In the zone the area of Shenyang urban section at Hunhe River is 39.75 km2, with the existing population for 250,000. Hunnan New District was found in 1988, and was approved to be one of the National High-And-New-Tech Industry Development Zones in the first group by the State Council in 1991. The zone was fully started constructing on October 16, 2001. As the National New and High-Tech Industry Development Zone and the leading area for revitalization of the old industrial base in the northeastern China, the new zone takes electronic information industry as the first leading industry. And as the national major IT Industry Base, it realizes over-conventional and spanning development, which makes the Hunnan New District be the the most active, most attractive, and most competitive development zone.

 Development Goal

 It is to become the international and modern technological new zone taking the new and high- tech industry as the support, integrating Education Research, Finance & Commercial Trade, Living and Inhabitation, Tourism and Visiting together, to create future economic complex and high-tech new zone in Shenyang City.

 Regional Advantages

 Industrial Advantages: Taking Neusoft, LG Electron, Tsinghua Tongfang Industrial Park as the carrier, the zone mainly focus on the electronic information industry cluster under development; the advanced manufacturing industry by 4 supporting enterprises undertaking the production of Automotive Products, Automation Products, Machinery Manufacturing, and Medical Appliance Manufacturing; the New Material Industry relying on the Nano Material, Alloy Material, New Type Building Material, and Chemical Engineering Materials researched and developed by Institution of Metal Research Chinese Academy of Sciences and Northeast University Metallurgical Technology Research Institute; Biological Medical Equipments Manufacturing Enterprise Groups including Xiehe Pharmacy, Neusoft Digital Medical Equipments and Neusoft Philips. It has formed a new and high -tech industrial system leading by electronic information and advanced manufacture industry, and taking the biological pharmacy and new material industry as the new one. Within the zone, the modern service industry develops actively, the city function is being perfected gradually, and the framework of the basic infrastructure in city has shaped in embryonic form, and the image of central district of big city is forming.

 Traffic Advantages: There is the highest grade road net around the countryside, i.e. Shen-Da Highway runs through the seven cities in Liaotong Peninsula, which connects the new district with outside in traffic relationships. In addition, five main line railways Jing-Ha, Shen-Da, Shen-Ji, Shen-Dan and Shen-Fu meet here, which are the important passages for the new zone to keep economic relation at home and abroad and achieve goods transportation. It is adjacent to Dalian Port, Yingkou Harbor, Jinzhou Harbor and Taoxian International Airport. It will be constructed into the most important door for the world over to enter and exit Shenyang.

 Environmental Advantages: Hunnan New District is an international and modern technology new zone and National Forest Ecological Demonstration Area integrating Education Research, Finance & Commercial Trade, Living and Inhabitation, Tourism and Visiting. Within the zone, the environment is very beautiful, and the basic infrastructure is at a high level standard for achieving “Nine Connections and One Leveling” land. The industrial parks and zones with standard workshops and the neat and beautiful environment explain that it is the best choice for you to take investment.

 Industrial Parks and Zones

 Park Programming: Shenyang Export Processing Area; FOXCONN (Shenyang) Technology Industrial Park; Singapore Industrial Park and Cartoon Base.

 Leading Industry: mainly focus on the new and High-tech Industry, Modern Service Industry, and Creative Industry (Cartoon Industry).